How we were formed ...

In July 2015 an avid Archer by the name of Mark Duerden, accompanied by his partner Louise Harling-Cousins, opened the doors of the first Archery Centre in Burnley, East Lancashire.

Within a few short weeks, this new venutre, Phoenix Archery Supplies was a hive of Toxophilist Activity.  Old and new aspiring Archers came from near and far to use their Range and sample their Archery related wares.

It wasn't long before the pupils Mark was teaching to shoot, decided they'd like to form their own Field Archery Club.  And so it came about that Team Firebird was born.

Let down by a local landowner but determined to push forward with their own shoot, the Committee approached nearby Aire & Wharfdale Club who graciously agreed to Team Firebird using their facilities.

With additional support from Phoenix Archery Supplies, Team Firebird held their first Open Shoot on Sunday 30th October 2016.

We're now pleased to tell you that we've managed to secure our own wood 1 mile from Phoenix Archery Supplies, Spa Wood, our little piece of Heaven. Our first shoot at Spa Wood was held on Sunday 24th September 2017.  We look forward to seeing you at subsequent shoots.

Our Philosophy


There'll undoubtedly be Archers who want to win the medals.  However, our Philosophy is one of having the best of times, with like minded people in a rural setting. 

If you better your own scores, or simply enjoy the day out, it's all good with Team Firebird.